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Ranjit Jatar
A good leader not only leads a mission well, but also ensures a high hit rate of success for all his/her team members – and not only for himself or for some of the team members.  Clarity of instructions is something the Army teaches its generals and colonels but the same principle applies in the corporate world too. There was this Koi shak ya Savaal question which my good friend in Eicher in the early 90’s, Vimal Sachdeva......

Ranjit Jatar
I spoke to a young manager the other day who works for one of India’s largest business houses which had its origins in the energy sector – a Company which frequently manages the environment to win HR awards from respected Business Media publications for supposedly being the best Employer Brand in India. On the other hand employees in this conglomerate find it a poor place to build their career in and an impersonal hierarch......